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(licensed by SHADOW records N.Y)

(sdw 086-2)

The second cd released by GOO, once again GOO 's taken us to"a voyage" with different patterns and styles a voyage where his influences are the landscape and the beats the vehicle.

Lo-fi sounds, analogue vintage, turntablistic tricks,headbeats, on FRACTAL ABSTRACTION  GOO goes deeper than Jean Jacques Cousteau, by droping a cd with no compromision to mainstream- as usual.

Tower Records U.S.

" fiends are likely to devour this set as if it were their first meal in days.... the music is strong enough to carry the songs for people who do not speak French."

Koch Canada.
Goo is the Geneva-based DJ/producer Le Gooster, who helped promote the Swiss hip hop scene by forming the Five Star collective with Rollercone.
His tracks were first presented in the States in 1997 on the Five Star Galaxy compilation released by Shadow Records, who also released his subsequent debut, Zig Zag Zen.
Le Gooster's downtempo instrumental hip hop displayed the kind of creatively arrangements associated with DJ Krush and the early Mo Wax crew.

"Several years on he now runs his own label, Synchrovision, producing high quality tracks bringing together filmic strings & beats, warm acoustic vibes and layers of voices.

Like his French cousins Goo likes the quasi narrative quality of the MC, who's cliched patter is often best left to the live party experience.
But in a track like "Maintain Flavor," nicely placed MC bytes support a dreamy female vocal while a Lalo Schriffin-style clavinet riff creates a suspenseful mood.
Goo's arrangements also bring a new psychological angle to a ragga rap, contrasting reverberant vibes with alien electronix while MC JP flips on the patois in "Offishall Chamberlain."

Eric Alper
Director of Media Relations, Koch Canada

1. Synchrovision

2. Do what i do (feat mc JP)
3. Maintain Flavor (feat,mc J.P)
4. Offishall Chamberlain (feat  mc J.P)
5. Deep like Jean Jaques Cousteau cd edit
6. Goosta vs Shaolin cd edit
7. B.B.M.Q.
8. L'interrociteur
9. Indefinite colors (yang)
10. The outspoken
11. Black technology
12. Minded 4.03 (featuring:Eric Linder)
13. Drugstore b.boy
14. Redrum
15. The O.G.
16. Prana yoga (yin)

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